Who are we?

Albanian Animator Society started its activities in 1999. The founder of this group is Mr. Vladimir Dedndreaj and some former animators of the years 1998-1999. Albanian Animator Society makes its registration as a Society in Tirana District Court, on 17.11.2009 and this was after ten years of intensive experience.

Why the denomination "Albanian Animator Society"?

This group was thought to be primarily a group of friends, but all its members must have a qualification as animators. The real purpose of this group is the recognition, promotion and the protection of the professional image of the animators.

Albanian Animator Society, in its first steps was well received by many associations and institutions, but in particular from the Albanian Humanitarian Organization “Caritas”, which was and still is the most important collaborator. This cooperation has become even closer, since Albanian Animator Society is part of Caritas Albania, as "Caritas Volunteer Group".

Albanian Animator Society played an essential and unique role in promoting the professional image of the animator in 1999, also in the professional training of animators, who voluntarily engage in our sectors as:    

  • Albania's prisons
  • Asylum for the elderly people
  • Pediatric Hospital in Tirana
  • Our friends with special skills
  • Summer camps with children across the country
  • Various activities with youth communities across Albania
  • Emergency coordinated by Caritas Albania, (as incidents, floods, snow crashes, etc..)

From 1999 and till now, there were involved 650 volunteer animators who have given their contribution from six to twenty-four months.

Albanian Animator Society continues to promote the image of Albanian animators by providing training courses in the entire country.

Nowadays Albanian Animator Society continues to promote the professional image of the animator doing tranings for animator in Albania, in the same time  organizing the work into the three following lines:

Animation for children.
Our animators are specialized in working with children of different ages, social classes and having different problems. The main activities for children are organizing holiday activities and birthday parties as well as summer camps, having as the main goal “UNLIMITED FUN AND FOR ALL”

Social animation.
Everything started from here. Animator’s figure will never be completed without voluntary work with people in need. This sector is the engine that moves everything.

Tourist Animation.
Tourist animator is a professional image, which will be your guide in tourist activities created and proposed by us. Dear friends, Albanian Animator Society complements and strengthens its image with the creation of Animated Adventure Club, which will meet all your requirements for an unforgettable eco-tourism adventure by exploring the most beautiful countries of Albania.