Animation for Children

Festive Animation

The way that we are going to organize your children’s birthdays!

Fill your child's birthday with colors.

With our animation and the way we animate your party will not be a random one, but a place where everyone will have fun without limits, children playing, and parents occasionally being protagonists in the games. Participants in our parties experience extraordinary moments, full of joy and liveliness. To have a successful party, you need an "ingredient" that is offered only by the Albanian Animated Society, "Fun". The party contains animated dances with the latest hit songs, the most beautiful games played by animators around the world, children can select pictures in a catalog which have more than 1000 painting faces, they will use balloons with the most beautiful colors that you have ever seen and will experience fantastic moments by singing in karaoke and sometimes having the place full of bubbles. Each party is different from the other, because every child is different. A golden key for the opening and closing of your party   is the decoration of the environment, starting from the child's name and his birthday years that he is celebrating. These will be possible in the size and color that you want, thanks to our lab equipments and preparation. Then all the decoration will be done with the combination of balloons of fantastic colors, which will give a unique image to the place where you have your party.

What will your celebrating program contain!

In your disposal will be animated characters of Disney Land. Visiting our gallery, you can select four of them, who will animate your party, one out of ten clowns that we have,  princesses, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Bela, Sofia, Barbie, Ariel, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel,Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Mascots, Minions, Dora, Masha, Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, the Rabbit Bugs Bunny, Winy the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Kung Fu Panda, Tweety, Dezi, Donald or one of the people balloons, the color that you like, boyish hero characters like Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Pirate, Iron Man, Capitain America. There will be an Animator Dj who will make possible the use of phonics, the microphones and all the equipments needed depending on the party

Our animators will organize and implement a program where children will be very active and will experience fantastic festive moments.

The program will include the following elements:


  • Animated jumps, where will be active all the children.
  • Bans according to their age, (bans are funny short stories, which are simultaneously indicated by words and gestures).
  • Festive GAMES (dynamic relay, which are the funniest of the party).
  • Face painting for all children, by choosing the image you want in our albums.
  • Different balloon’s shape for all children.
  • KARAOKE for kids, who love to sing their favorite songs.


Animators will wear animated suits all the time, to allow children, parents and other participants take photos.

Animators will take pictures throughout the party and you, if it is possible to have a flash (usb), so in this way, you can take photos as soon as the party ends.

If you want to shoot your birthday, in order to remain as an unforgettable memory, this can be possible by our professional cameramen.

An important thing is that in the party we have the megabubble that can take inside of it two persons.

If you want to create a truly festive climate, our animators can decorate the environment where the party will be held and will transform it into a colorful world. Starting from the name of the child who has the birthday, the number of the years he / she is celebrating with large prints and the colors that you want. This writing will be done in various forms of animation, thanks to a preparation in our laboratories. All the rest of the space will be decorated with balloons full of color and fantasy.