Social Animation

Be part of the movement "WITH OTHERS AND FOR OTHERS"

More and more people need love, someone who cares and shows kindness. More than anyone, this is needed from those who are the most vulnerable part of the society. Sick children, who have the bad luck of spending a good part of their time at the hospital premises, not like all the other children in parks and playing with their friends.

The elderly who are facing the most difficult phase of their life where they feel they are no longer valid, that their mission is near the end, the society definitely has to show a special respect for everything they gave before. Prisoners, especially women who are serving their sentence and who are destined to live isolated but need to feel socially evaluated, regardless of their errors or life circumstances.

Albanian Animators Society dedicate its mission and work precisely to these vulnerable groups, as a professions that brings life, energy and vitality to these individuals in the relevant institutions (hospitals, nursing homes prisons etc..) It is obvious that this noble and human mission cannot be done alone, it takes shape and has a significant impact thanks to the cooperation with different actors.

Friends of the Albanian Animators Society, we invite you all to take part in the movement "WITH OTHERS AND FOR OTHERS". No matter what is your profession, you can become part of our volunteer activities. Watch out! Friends, we do not invite you to be part of a entertainment weekend in the mountains or by the sea. Our invitation is to dedicate a few hours of your time to someone who needs you.